Studio Policies


Commercial Rate: $500/day
Special Projects: Sliding Scale

Half Court Studio utilizes a flexible rate model for non-commercial projects, with a goal to help build the local creative economy while supporting emerging artists and underrepresented groups in Portland's production community. To discuss billing on a sliding scale, please email us directly. 

Rate is based on a 10 hr day and includes access to house grip package. We do not currently offer half-day or hourly rentals.


Stage Painting Fees:

  • The studio cyc is painted clean white at the start of each stage rental.

  • If the cyc is not clean following your shoot (dirt/footprints/etc), you are responsible for the labor and materials to return the stage back to clean white.

  • Charges for paint are $35/gallon and labor is $50/hr.

  • As a quick guide, most shoots just need the floor repainted with one coat afterward, which is $85.

Stage Manager:

  • A stage manager is available for $350/day.

  • Stage manager is optional for shoots with fewer than 15 people, but is required for shoots with 15 or more people on set.

Other Potential Fees:

  • Overtime is billed at $75/hr

  • Cleaning charges are $50/hr (if the studio is not left clean, see Studio Wrap Checklist below)

  • Painting charges are $35/gallon for paint and $50/hour for labor

  • Repair charges will be billed accordingly


Half Court Studio Rental Agreement Example - We will prepare and send you your rental agreement to sign once you book.

Certificate of Insurance (COI) Example - Have your insurance company issue this to us (see Insurance Requirements below).


Customer must provide Half Court Studio with evidence of comprehensive general liability insurance in an amount of not less than $1,000,000 — combined single limit; and “All risks ” equipment rental insurance on all equipment rented from Half Court Studio in an amount not less than $15,000. Half Court Studio must be named as loss payee. Note: any deductible fees are responsibility of client. The insurance may be verified by filing a properly executed certificate of insurance containing the following elements:

  • Include Half Court Studio as an additional insured.

  • Provide for a 10-day notice of cancellation to Half Court Studio in the event of any cancellation or reduction in insurance coverage.

  • Contain a statement that the insurance is primary with respect to Half Court Studio over all other insurance.

Evidence of the above insurance requirements must be by a valid and properly executed certificate of insurance filed with Half Court Studio prior to commencement of any work in the studio or delivery of any equipment.


You may request to put a hold on a particular date. If another client requests to book that day, we will email you and you will have 24 hours to either book that date or release your hold. If there is no response after 24 hours, your hold will be released to the challenging shoot. You must book your held date before one week prior to the shoot date. We do not accept holds within one week of a shoot date.

You can cancel or reschedule a booking up to 5 days prior to your booked date. 50% charge on 3-5 day cancellation notice, 100% charge on 48 hour or less cancellation.

Half Court fronts to Hoyt St, a quiet residential road. We love having a great relationship with all our neighbors -- we will help you organize what you need for your production while minimizing the impact of production on our neighborhood.

  • The courtyard is shared with our neighbor businesses. Please enjoy it, but you will need to coordinate with us in advance if you plan to use it as a shooting location.

  • Please coordinate with us in advance if you plan on permitting street parking or any road closures.

  • Please coordinate with us in advance if you need to work with any of our neighboring residents or businesses.

  • Please close the black curtains if you are shooting strobes after dark.


You must coordinate with us in advance and have prior written approval if you plan to do/use any of the below:

  • Smoke effects (a triggered smoke alarm evacuates the entire building and dispatches a fire truck)

  • Liquids are not allowed on the stage.

  • Heels (or similar sharp pointy objects) will damage the stage.

  • Glitter is not allowed in the studio



Please leave the studio as it was delivered:

  • Sweep studio and stage

  • All studio equipment returned as found

  • Dishes washed, countertops wiped clean

  • Trash + recycling bagged (you may leave one bag of each, the rest you must pack out)

  • Close, latch, and padlock garage doors

  • Close black curtains

  • Close and lock front door (if no studio manager present)


Studio cyc is painted clean white at the start of each stage rental. Client is responsible for labor and materials to return stage back to clean white. Any touch up paint must be the studio provided white paint (available by request). Painting Charges: White Paint $35/gallon, Labor $50/hour. If cyc requires full repaint or multiple coats to return to clean white, client must pay for a strike day.

Client is responsible for leaving the studio as clean as they found it. Please broom clean, wash all dishes and bag all trash/recycling. Charges for additional cleaning labor will be billed at $50/hr.


Don't panic! We get it, things get broken, we're not mad. Please just let us know and we'll bill you an appropriate fee to repair or replace it.


Where do I park?
Street parking only. We recommend you let your crew know to arrive with enough time to snag a spot. The best free, all-day street parking is on Hoyt St and the neighborhood south of the studio, and is easiest to find between 7:30-8:30am. 

Can I park my car in the load zone?
Please do not leave your car parked in the load zone. It's used throughout the day by both production and our neighbor businesses in the building. However, if you know that you will need a place to park a production vehicle (like a grip van/truck) to which you'll need frequent access during your shoot, it is possible to lock down the load zone for the day if you coordinate with us in advance.

How do I use the heater/AC units?
There are two units, each one has a remote control. The remote needs to be pointed at the unit to work. To use the heater, hit the "Mode" button until a sun icon is displayed. To use the AC, hit the "Mode" button until a snowflake icon is displayed. Use the up/down arrow buttons to dial in the desired temperature. Pro tip: Hit the "Big Muscle Arm" button for 20 minutes of full blast heat/AC.

How do I use this fancy coffee maker? 
It's easy, just let this man in a fancy shirt show you the way.