Rental Studio


Half Court Studio is a day rental space for film, photo, and other collaborative projects.



Square Footage: 1,500 sq ft

Ceiling Height: 15' East / 13.5' West

Stage: 24'w x 15'h x 22'd single-wall cyclorama, 18'w x 15'h flat side wall.

Power: 300 amps total: 100 amps office power; 200 amp stage power split over 2 x 100 amp bates outlets on stage left and stage right. Rental includes bates cables and 2 x 100 amp feed-thru lunch boxes with 10 edison plugs each.

Exposure: 45' of SE light via two windowed rolling overhead doors (14'x10 and 16'x10') and one 15'x8' window bank. Double curtain tracks w/ black solid duvetyne and white polysilk translucent curtains.

Sound: The studio is not a sound stage, although you can usually get decent audio if you work around the noise of the street and our neighbors.

Access: Street level roll-in via Sandy Blvd. and Hoyt St. entrances. Garage doors at dock height open directly onto sidewalk on Hoyt St; dedicated 20' load zone (used for studio loading 24/7; please no day parking unless arranged in advance)

HMU/Wardrobe: Small dedicated HMU/wardrobe area with built-in wardrobe rack, Jiffy J-4000m garment steamer (available upon request)

Kitchen: Refrigerator, Sink, Coffee Maker, Coffee Grinder, Toaster Oven, Plates x12, Bowls x12, Flatware x12, Mugs x12

House Grip Package: C-Stands x6, Shorty C-Stands x2, Jr Roller Stand x1, Sandbags x8, Apple Box Set x2

Other: Wifi, Sonos Stereo (with standard 1/8" headphone input cable and attached iPad mini)


Commercial Rate: $500/day

Half Court Studio utilizes a flexible rate model for non-commercial projects, with a goal to help build the local creative economy while supporting emerging artists and underrepresented groups in Portland's production community. To discuss billing on a sliding scale, please email us directly. 

Rate is based on a 10 hr day and includes access to house grip package. We do not currently offer half-day or hourly rentals.

Stage Painting Fees:
The studio cyc is painted clean white at the start of each stage rental. If the cyc is not clean following your shoot (dirt/footprints/etc), you are responsible for the labor and materials to return the stage back to clean white. Charges for paint are $35/gallon and labor is $50/hr. As a quick guide, most shoots just need the floor repainted with one coat afterward, which is $85. 

Stage Manager:
A stage manager is available for $350/day. Stage manager is optional for shoots with fewer than 15 people, but is required for shoots with 15 or more people on set.

Other Potential Fees:
Overtime is billed at $75/hr. Cleaning charges are $50/hr (if the studio is not left clean). Painting charges are $35/gallon for paint and $50/hour for labor.



For booking, please contact: