Half Court is a studio, and a metaphor.

Half Court Studio is a 1,500 square foot space available for rent at a day rate. The studio is built for photo shoots, video shoots, and other creative productions. The space can also be used for meetings, casting sessions, arts programming, or other smaller scale events. We've built the studio to be well equipped based on the spaces in which we love to shoot big productions, while creating a place that is as approachable and accessible as the art spaces that helped us get our footing in the industry. There's a time and place for the formalities of a full court game, but sometimes it's more fun to play half court with your friends.

Portland is growing fast. As a small business we want to support this growth the right way, and make sure that our arts scene remains thriving and its resources available and affordable to artists. Our goal is to help build the local creative economy while supporting emerging artists and underrepresented groups within Portland's production community. To discuss partnering with us on events, arts programming, or billing the studio on a sliding scale, please email us.


Owner, Half Court Studio
Freelance Producer

Katie works as a freelance creative producer to make a variety of content— TV commercials, web content, music videos, photo shoots and installations. Organizing and supporting groups of collaborative artists is her main game. Let's go on some production adventures. 

Based in Portland, OR. Available for freelance agency producing and freelance on-set producing for both video and photo content.


Owner, Half Court Studio
Freelance Photographer

Ben is a freelance commercial and editorial photographer. He looks for moments that are both intimate and irreverent, making work about life in all its wild normalcy. He has a background in integrated production on both the agency and production side, creating a variety of interactive projects that blend design, development, photo, motion and film. 

Based in Portland, OR. Available for commercial and editorial assignment, locally and abroad.